Thursday, May 11, 2006

Al-Arabiya Publicizes Book of Confessed "Sexual Deviant"

The title of a May 6 article on the website of Al-Arabiya television channel reads, "The Daughter of American Vice President Admits that She Is a 'Sexual Deviant'. (Note: "sexual deviant" = شاذة جنسيا)

Mary Cheney has a new book which came out yesterday, Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life, which documents her life as the lesbian daughter of American Vice President Dick Cheney. It's a huge turn-around for Mary Cheney, considering that just a few years ago, she was lambasted for not speaking out against the Bush Administration's anti-gay policies. (Check out, which exhibits the famous lost-child milk carton.) Her past reluctance to speak out can also be seen as a turn-around, considering that before she worked for her father's campaign, she was an lgbt public relations manager for Coors Brewing Company.

The Queer Arabs Blog has a bit good insight into the article, especially when it points out that a lot of American money goes into Al-Arabiya, and the Cheney family might not be too happy. President George Bush might be happy, though, for he is apparently lambasted in Mary Cheney's book.

The article itself, other than the title, is rather benign; I have seen much worse in the American media about this book. Al-Arabiya chooses strong quotes from Mary Cheney, and they dominate the piece. Interestingly, it even includes a quote stating that she still supports Bush as the best leader for America.

The best part about the article is the feedback section in which readers respond to the article. At the time of this post, there were almost 400 responses, among which were quite a few jewels. My personal favorite is number 163, written by a woman who calls herself "Egyptiana". She says, "Such trends are the beginning of the end for America; may Allah make it soon."

Ha! Why can no one who disagrees with homosexuality discuss the matter without resorting to religion? Not everyone has the same religion, and even when people do have the same religion, everyone has his own interpretation. I believe God loves gay people. My religion is no less valid than yours; you'll have to think of a better argument than your morality to make me shut up.


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