Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Muslim Africans Most Sex-Obsessed on Google, Moroccans Most Gay in Africa

Haha!!! Check out this article in Afrol News! Apparently, in Africa, citizens of Muslim African nations are using the internet to vent their sexual frustrations. Quotes:

When it comes to using the Internet to look for sex, North Africans in
particular seem to have found a new outlet for societal taboos. The sex search
on Google is topped by Pakistan, but closely followed by Egypt. Moroccans even
reach the top-ten list both in English (6th on "sex") and in French (2nd on
"sexe"). Algerians top the search for "sexe", showing twice as much interest as
the French and Tunisians. A quick look inside the booming cybercafés in North
Africa confirms this obsession.

Even homosexuality, which is illegal in most Muslim and African countries,
spurs much interest in Muslim Africa. While the search word "gay" is dominated
by Latin Americans, it is mainly Filipinos and Saudi Arabians looking for "gay
sex". The African "gay sex" list is topped by Kenyans, Tanzanians, Namibians,
Zimbabweans and South Africans. In the francophone world, however, Algerians and Moroccans by far top the world's search for "la homosexualité". Algerians also
by distance top the search for the "sexe gay", with the French and the Moroccans
being somewhat more timid on the issue.

It just shows that we are everywhere, and gaining ground. What a good article! I knew there was more to the gay scene in Morocco than just its king! And Saudi Arabia! Haha!

Sadly, it also shows that AIDS doesn't make the top-ten list in any African nation except South Africa:

Also when it comes to meet the AIDS treat, South Africans are the most aware in
Africa, Google searches indicate. There is a significant search for condoms in
South Africa, but the interest for this AIDS preventing object is by far much
bigger in India. South African however top the world's search list of
anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs). The lack of other African countries on the ARV
top-ten search list again indicates that the public awareness of these drugs is
as low as their availability in other African states.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arabs are sex obsessed? That's not news. I've known that for years.

June 01, 2006 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

arent 'westerners' too ?!

June 16, 2006 10:52 AM  

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