Thursday, June 08, 2006

American Military Finally Recognizes Killing of Gay Iraqis

Let me long has the murderous persecution of gay people due to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's fatwa been publicly known? Over two months. And, when the scandal became public, persecuted gay Iraqis complained about seeking help from the Americans and being rebuffed. Quotes from the Gay City News:

"We desperately need protection!" pleaded Tahseen. "But, when we go to the
Americans, they laugh at us and don't do anything. The Americans are the

"These assaults and murders have been reported to the Green
Zone, but the Americans don't want to upset the religious authorities, and so
they do nothing or treat gay Iraqis with contempt or as an object of humor,"
Hili explained, adding that the reports to the U.S. authorities were made by
undergound gay activists.
Only now it seems, however, that the American military is acknowledging the crisis, according to the Washington Blade. U.S. Army Major Joseph Todd Breasseale, chief of the Media Relations Division of the Multinational Corps in Iraq, said this in response to questions about the repercussions of the fatwa was this:

"It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, when we're in a fledgling time like this,
to go in and say, 'Here's these issues that are going to repel 80 percent of the
population and this is what we want to inflict on you,'" he said. "We're trying
not to get into too many values judgment type issues and just do the right
His quote, actually, seems to make sense. I can understand not wanting to approach rival Islamic factions and say, "Hey, it's gay marriage time!" That might make the American's hold on Iraqi stability even more tenuous. But to say "Come on, don't murder these people?" I think he's copping out.

Notice his choice of words, also. He says "inflict". When American leaders talk about bringing democracy to the Middle East, they don't say "inflict". They say "spread" or "bring" - words that sound positive, because they see democracy as a positive thing. If Breasseale really saw protecting gay people as a worthwhile cause, I don't think he'd use "inflict", which sounds horrible.

Furthermore, if the American armed forces, which consistently discharges competent gay men and women, actually cared about what is happening to gay people in Iraq, would it take them so long to address it. I mean, it's been going on for more than eight months.

Finally, the Washington Blade printed a picture of three gay Iraqis murdered because of their sexuality. This gruesome pic will give me nightmares:


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