Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bank Robbers Arrested in Gay Raid in Morocco

This is too ridiculous to believe. reported today that two suspected gang leaders were arrested in Morocco because neighbors thought they were gay. Quote:
THE suspected gang leaders of Britain's biggest cash robbery were arrested after neighbours tipped off police ??" [sic] thinking they were gay.

Lee Murray, Paul Allen and two friends rented a luxury villa in the poshest part of Moroccan capital Rabat, where diplomats and royalty live.

But neighbours were suspicious that there were no women and feared they could even be paedophiles.

A police source said: "In Moroccan society four men can't live together without people thinking they are gay."

Murray and Allen, from London, are suspected over the £53million Securitas raid in Tonb ridge [sic], Kent, in February.

Part of this is hilarious. Two robbers go to Morocco, thinking they're safe to hide, but because they don't know the norms of society, they're subject to a gay raid. I imagine in my head a Moroccan version of the last scene of Plata Quemada, except in the movie it was a gay couple no outsider thought was gay.

Another part is tragic. Apparently, the men had done nothing to arouse suspicion except live together. Due to only this, the police raided their villa. This is an incredible intrusion of privacy that no one should be subjected to. Granted, homosexuality is illegal in Morocco, but so should unreasonable searches.

It's awful enough to say that gay people should stay out of society, but it's infinitely worse to prohibit them to be gay in private.

Plus, I hate the tired "homosexual equals pedophile" dialogue. It's annoying, untrue, and unnecessary. It just shows that those who fear homosexualty don't know what exactly they're talking about.

If Europeans thought to be gay are subjected to raids, imagine what happens to Moroccans thought to be gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, even though there is a social stigma on gays in Morocco, I've seen a lot of gays who don't hide their identity at all, and they never really have any problems. And, even though homosexuality is still considered illegal, police cannot arrest people on that basis. The reason cops were called on this case is because there were foreign men and locals staying in the same apartment. The neighbors probably thought it was a case of prostitution (which is very common and Morocco (Marrakech and Agadir mostly) is becoming a sort of exotic gay mecca for a lot of Europeans. Unfortunately view the poverty that still reigns in the country, money plays a role in these relationships and the government is trying to stop this.

To give you an example, cops did arrest people during a gay pearty lately in Casablanca. But because of media and national pressure, they were released right away.

October 06, 2006 6:04 AM  

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