Monday, June 19, 2006

Fatfat Denies Lebanese Government Approval of Helem

Today, The Daily Star carried an article, mostly written by Agence France-Presse (AFP), detailing how Acting Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat denied charges by conservative Muslim clerics that the government had approved the establishment of Helem, an gay-rights group in Lebanon. The AFP article can be found on Naharnet, (The Daily Star likes to charge people for slightly old articles, thus the link I posted might not be working soon.) A quote:

A petition seeking prosecution of the gay rights group filed by a Beirut city
attorney earlier this year was rejected by the attorney general's office, which
ruled that the group's operation of an office and a Web site did not constitute
an offense.
According to the law, the govenment has three months to voice an objection to any organization's registration. It never did that. That implies approval.

Fatfat can say all he want about the government not approving Helem. But it pretty much did. If it really cared, it would have done something. Fatfat just wants to distance himself from accountability and backbone, typical for a politician. And his pandering is rather pathetic.


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