Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gay Arab Athletes Choose Canada Over US

According to an article on the American website 365gay.com, the Outgames in Montréal, which will take place July 29-August 5, will host athletes from Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

I wonder if the athletes still live in those countries, or are expatriates. I imagine that if you live in the UAE, for example, it might be hard to return home after participating in a gay athletic event in a Western country. Something bad might happen to you.

The article also pointed out that Montréal's Outgames is much more international than Chicago's Gay Games, which will take place July 15-22. A quote:
[Chicago Games, Inc. Co-Vice Chair Tracy] Baim said it's not surprising the
Montreal games will be more international. "There's a lot of anti-American
sentiment and I don't blame the Europeans for that sentiment," she said. "There
are certain people that will never come to the United States while we have
George Bush in power."

That's understandable.


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