Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Blog!

There's a new gay blog in Beirut, and I love love love it. It's called Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys. It was only started last week, so there's not much on it yet, but it's so cute!

Each post follows the author through the trials and tribulations of a relationship with a different boy in Beirut, and is replete with all the anger and emotional baggage that makes for a good read. He also throws in a backdrop of Sex and the City, to add to the humor.

I'm definitely going to be checking this blog every day.

Finally, a quote:
Just when I thought that that was the sanest "break-up" ever, stories and
rumours about me and him started surfacing and I began hearing various different
stories from different people. But most of the stories had one thing in common.
That I was a user. I used him for sex and when I got what I needed from his body
I let him go. Stories about me promising him stuff and then ditching him after
we had sex. Ofcourse that was all untrue. Only Mr. SportNutRacer didn't know
that I was as insane as he was and would go on to create a blog about all those
insane people I've been with.


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