Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time to Pitch a Tent!

It looks like its time for gay camping!

On July 6-8, there wil be a lovely Lebanese Gay Camp in Dhour Shweir up in the gorgeous mountainous pine woods. I don't know too much about this camping trip. I find out about it on an out-of-the-way site called the Gay New News Magazine. And the e-mail I sent an inquiry to,, never got back to me.

This is supposed to be the first gay camp ever, but what about all those camping trips that have occurred annually for the last few years? Do they not count?

I imagine that it'll be a blast, if enough people here about it, which is a big IF. Why isn't it on more websites? مشكلة!

It's only $25 and includes a barbeque and a trip to Paradise Beach. I don't know if I can handle three days alone with gay men, though. I might go nuts. Or an animal might eat me (I'm rather defenseless).

Update July 6:

I was just told that the excursion has been canceled.


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