Thursday, July 20, 2006

Appalling Acts of Murder and Gay Bribery in Kurdistan

I found this article on al-Arabiya. The newspaper claims it's from Agence France-Presse, but I can find nothing to back that claim up. Titled "They Confessed to Cutting Off Heads in the North of Iraq for Training: A Kurdish Group Practices Sodomy and Drinking Wine to Establish Islamic Intelligence", the article documents the slaughtering of a number of civilians in Irbil, Iraq, and the use of forced homosexual acts on videotapes as bribes for loyalty. I am shocked, dismayed, and disgusted.

The picture posted is a member of "Supporters of Islam" with inset pictures of murdered victims.

The majority of the article, translated by me:

The television channel "Kurdistan", owned by the Democratic Party of Kurdistan under the leadership of Massoud Barzani, aired yesterday evening, Tuesday July 12, 205, the confessions of four people accused of belonging to a group called "Supporters of Islam". In their confessions, they admitted having carried out dismemberment and explosions in the cities of Irbil and Dahouk in the north of Iraq.

It was said that the leader of the group is a sheikh called "Layla al-Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Borzanji", [Sheikh Zana], (35 years old) from the city of Irbil (350 km
north of Baghdad) and a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering in the mechanics department. He said, "We have carried out the killing of a number of citizens after drawing them to houses in the center of Irbil, with the goal of training the group that has been working with me to slaughter citizens, then cutting them up and placing them in bags which are dumped in remote locations."

During the confessions, the Kurdish satellite channel broadcast scenes of the slaughter of young men after it hid the victims' faces, in addition to sexual exercises that were carried out among them or with girls.

The satellite channel warned citizens that the scenes should not be seen by people under 18 years of age. It was admitted that Sheikh Zana trained his group using sodomy [i.e. gay sex] and sex with girls, drinking wine, and gambling so that the security services do not doubt them.

The television channel presented shots from the house that was used for the commission such acts. Sheikh Zana spoke about his commitment to the Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam. The Kurdish television channel presented footage of the highly-explosive materials, muffled guns, and other materials used in their operations.

To explain his side, Dlir Haidar said in his confessions, "To me, Sheikh Zana said we need Islamic intelligence, and to achieve this, all of the practices, ncluding sodomy and sex with girls, drinking wine, gambling, and mixing with all kinds of people is necessary."

He continued, "At first I was not convinced, but it was insisted on, and I was given narcotic pills, then we engaged in sex and it was recorded on videotape." Dlir explained that the leader of the group, Sheikh Zana, informed him that "the tapes would be used against any member that tries to commit treason against the group or that does not carry out his duty properly."

He added, "Two of the men refused to have sex, and the sheikh ordered their killing. We killed them using a silenced gun and then cut them up and put them in nylon bags to be thrown in remote areas." The Kurdish satellite channel broadcast the confessions of four people and promised to air more confessions in the next few days .

Neither security sources nor other press releases offered more information about this group or their affiliation with "Supporters of Islam."

Firstly, I don't know if this is true. I don't trust al-Arabiya. But the same article was also printed on al-Watan (but that doesn't give it that much more credibility). Is this anti-Kurdish propaganda? It's not unheard of to tie disliked groups to homosexuality to disgrace them, and al-Arabiya has shown that it really doesn't like gay people or Kurds.

Secondly, I hope it's not true. It is disgusting, deplorable, and every bad word I can think of. But deep down, I believe it's true. I think al-Arabiya would make up a lot of facts, but I don't think it would create a television broadcast of another station that never really existed. I don't know Kurdish, so I can't really check. My heart hurts.


Blogger mike davis said...

Such acts of moral depravity are a sign of the psychological stress that these Kurdish people are under. These acts are inexcusable; they are crimes and great sins. Those who committed them deserve total punishment.

Unless these stresses are dealt with by a proper political settlement of the Kurdish problems, such horrors will continue and get worse (if possible!)

Sheik Zana is not a 'supporter of Islam' that much is very clear. Has a collective insanity overtaken the middle east, from Beirut to Kabul?

July 21, 2006 2:18 AM  
Blogger Delal said...

Yes I hate to say it but this article is true. I am Kurdish so it hurts me to hear about someone sick enough to kill and torture his own people. But this was a sick man [Sheikh Zana]. I have heard of the homosexual acts as well but I'm not sure about the details, but unfortunately, these men got away with a lot before they got caught.

August 23, 2009 7:25 AM  

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