Thursday, July 20, 2006

Helem Helping Refugees

Helem, the first lgbt-rights organization in the Arab World, is now accepting donations in its efforts to help Lebanese refugees from the war.

Donations can be sentto the following temporary bank accounts:

Credit Libanais S.A.L Beyrouth
Agence Sassine
Client Name: Al Azzi Georges
Account number:


SGBL Hamra Branch
Client Name: CHIT Bassem
Account number: 007.004.367.092.875.014


donate through PayPal through their donations page.

Their hotline, +961 (0) 1 745 092, is also coordinating help for refugees as well as addressing gay issues.

It just shows that the gay community is always ready to lend a hand.


Blogger Josh said...

I first wanted to thank you for posting a comment. You are absolutely right in stating that I over-simplified the situation of gays and lesbians in Israel. I apologize for that, and will be more careful when posting in the future. I know that Israel's treatment of gays and lesbians is far from perfect, I simply wanted to make the point that Israel is, from a legal standpoint, the most progressive country in the Middle East for LGBT people.

One question: is your blog for all people of the Middle East, or for only Muslims? I ask because, in your list of cities at the bottom of your blog, there are plenty of Arab and Persian cities, but none from Israel.

I have never come across your blog before, but it's great to see that such a resource exists. I'll be checking in frequently to see what you're writing about. Please feel free to do the same with mine.

Best of luck as you continue with this project. I know that it's not an easy task. Stay in touch.

July 20, 2006 10:09 PM  
Blogger Red Tulips said...


I just wanted to say that I posted a link to Helem on my website, and encouraged readers to donate to this organization.

Hope all is well,

-Miss R

July 22, 2006 10:23 AM  

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