Saturday, July 22, 2006

Helem is Silent

Right now, Helem is observing a 10-minute moment of silence at Martyrs' Square in Beirut to recognize all of the dead who have fallen in the recent Israeli aggression. Pamphlets bearing the names of dead children will be distributed and held.

Helem is part of "Lil-Hayat", a group of progressive civil society organizations in Lebanon, which is organizing the moment of silence. All of the participating groups can be found here.

In other Helem news, the Helem center at Zico House is taking on refugees, offering them shelter, food, and supplies. It's not only humane and generous, it's great political strategy. It's very difficult to say, "Gay people gave me food, shelter, and safety, but I don't think they deserve equal rights."

If you are in Lebanon and would like to help out or donate needed items, please go to the Helem center on Spears Street in Senayeh or call Georges (03-031428), Rasha (03-35664), or Sara (70-917001). Helem especially needs people with cars to transport medication and supplies and to survey refugee needs in the schools.

Helem is amazing.


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