Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Not My Fault I'm Gay; I Have Lots of Brothers

I wasn't orignally going to post on an article in the Scientific American which presents the hypothesis that men are more likely to be gay when they have older brothers due to prenatal mechanisms in the womb. Then I saw this post on Bakkouz, where he dislikes the article, especially in the context that Arab families tend to be large. Later, in the comments, he says:
in my openion being gay is a mental condition that can change depending on the circumnstances and the variables involved.

to which a user called Amino says:
If that was the case, believe me gay people would be the first to try to change that, since they suffer a lot in such a homophobic world. I think humans need an explanation for everything, and won’t live their lifes without labels. It’s like okay.. you’re gonna prove being gay is genetic or not, anddd?
Then what?Burn all gay people? Accept them? Look them in the eye and say “AHA! We were right.”
I don’t know about you but I think a person should be capable of living his life without any labels, it’s pretty much easier that way.

Amino sums up well exaclty how I feel about the whole nature versus nurture debate. Who cares? How is it going ot make society better if we find out? If it's nature, will you start having genetic therapy (or, worse, abortions), to get rid of gay people? If it's nature, will we start having more sociologists who claim to "fix" us, when all they do is causing us harm?

I'm gay and that's anough for me. I'm happy being gay, and I don't care if you're happy with me being gay, all I care is that you let me be happy being gay.

Update July 9:

Bakkouz responded here.


Anonymous Chad said...

I'm gay and that's anough for me. I'm happy being gay, and I don't care if you're happy with me being gay, all I care is that you let me be happy being gay.

Mind if I quote you on that?


July 01, 2006 8:43 PM  
Blogger Samawel said...

Articles and research like that seriously needs to be translated into Arabic. I guess I'm going to be trusting the more-tolerant Arabs for that.

The amount of lives such translations could potentially save from various kinds of trouble with family and/or society.

July 01, 2006 10:05 PM  
Blogger mike davis said...

Samawel hits the nail on the head. The arabic world needs to be supplied with a vast array of translations into arabic of the full range of material available on a wide array of fields.

It is a pity that the americans who have the money to finance such a project prefer to think that soldiers are better for promoting democracy than learning.

Imagine the benefits to the arabic world if 1000 western universities and colleges each translated into arabic 50 books per year, and sold them in cheap paperbacks for $1 a copy. Compare the cost of such a program with the ongoing cost to the american government of treating the 20,000 plus american wounded soldiers from Iraq.

Of course the project could be two way... I would love to have available in english all the great books on arab and muslim history (and other matters) written over the past 1400 years.

Perhaps Samawel can get together a delegation and go to see the US Ambassador to Lebanon to suggest such a project. Believe me, he will see you and your suggestion will be in his report back to Washington. It cannot hurt to try.

July 02, 2006 4:40 AM  
Anonymous shax said...

Scientific objectivity is almost as mythological as unicorns when it comes to research on topics as politically charged as this. I know a lot of gay people who are adamant that it is genetic because it fits in with the argument-apology of 'don't punish me for it, I can't help it, I was born this way'. I have methodological issues with this type of scientific research to begin with, but that's a whole other discussion :)

July 04, 2006 2:18 PM  

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