Saturday, July 08, 2006

R.I.P. UV 2006-2006

I heard rumors last night that after not even two months of its grand re-opening, UV is closing for good. Apparently, the owner of the property doesn't want to keep the lease going. (There are rumors that that's what happened when UV closed last time, but there were also stories that it was the police.)

I am very sad about that. UV is a fantastic, accepting, cool, beautiful place. Now Fridays are probably going to be spent as Acid, which is pretentious, trashy, and ugly, with rhythmless, g-stringed ladies dancing on the podiums and terribly aggressive bouncers who look like they could sprout horns at any moment. Acid, by the way, has been letting people in for free before midnight the last few weeks to drum up business for its lagging Friday nights. That means free booze on Acid's dime. At least the music is good.


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