Friday, July 28, 2006

Under the Flames of War in Lebanon

The ladies of Aswat, an organization for Palestinian lesbian women, sent out this e-mail today, entitled "Under the Flames of War in Lebanon":

To all our friends and colleagues,

Thank to all of you who have contacted ASWAT to ask about our safety as we are based in Haifa . It is much appreciated that you are thinking of us in these days. We want to thank you again for your support and the ongoing friendship.

We in ASWAT, our friends and families are safe and we will keep you posted if anything changes. Our reason to write you is to let you know that in these days our hearts and thoughts are in Lebanon , not forgetting Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine and Iraq .

We have a lot of pain and sadness, watching all the pictures as a result of the hits, seeing people killed, and hearing about all the refugees; it makes us stop and raise our voices in ASWAT and say out loud STOP THIS WAR on our sisters and brothers in Lebanon and start negotiating!!!

We have received some news from activists and friends from Helem, an LGBT center in Beirut . After the influx of refugees from the southern suburbs of Beirut as well as from the south of Lebanon , Helem center, together with other NGOs, has begun providing shelter, food, and supplies for the refugees.

More information can be found at

Helem also pointed out a few blogs so as to allow people to get first hand information from the civil society in Lebanon:

Other important links:

In solidarity,

ASWAT-Palestinian Gay Women
Join Aswat's mailing list at:
I'm glad they're safe, and the links are great. I have one issue though: their site is incredibly difficult to navigate, and when they post new articles, they seem to have no easy links to them. If you click on "activities", it only goes up to 2005. It's frustrating! Am I being trivial? Probably.


Blogger Lilith said...

I agree with you, the site is very difficult to navigate. Also, the articles are only in Arabic! I am doing an Anthropological paper regarding Arabic homosexuality and it is very difficult to find any in-depth information on Arabic lesbians! I would love to write about this, but the lack of information has forced me to write about men only. Which is what led me to your blog, which is fantastic by the way!

December 21, 2009 4:48 AM  
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